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Prescient - Bernd Heesen is a consulting and publishing company.

PRESCIENT means "Perceiving the significance of events before they occur". My philosophy is to share my knowledge where I expect to add value. Instead of just reacting based on what happened it is much more proactive to anticipate what might happen and to prepare for it.


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Book recommendation:

Data warehouse 2.0

Bill Inmon, one of the fathers of data warehousing, has written one more book on the topic together with Derek Strauss and Genia Neushloss. They first describe the development from data base management systems to data warehouses. They continue with a brief introduction into data warehousing and the key attributes of a data warehouse: subject oriented, integrated, nonvolatile, time variant, a collection of data in support of management's decision. From there they move on to mention four varieties of data warehouse mutants: active, federated, star schema and data mart.

The key improvements of what they call "data warehousing 2.0" are a reduced total cost of ownership, more focus on metadata, performance, archiving and improved transparency for the end user. Separate chapters on "Metadata in DW 2.0", "Statistical Processing and DW 2.0" and many more relevant topics make this book a must read for anyone who wants to be up-to-date with the latest concepts. The book is also a great read for anyone who wants to get an overview of what data warehousing is all about as it is leading the reader through all topics step by step. This is a book I certainly recommend to my students!