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Prescient - Bernd Heesen is a consulting and publishing company.

PRESCIENT means "Perceiving the significance of events before they occur". My philosophy is to share my knowledge where I expect to add value. Instead of just reacting based on what happened it is much more proactive to anticipate what might happen and to prepare for it.

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Book recommendation:

Beyond performance

Scott Keller and Colin Price explain how to establish "ultimate competitive advantage". Yes, they use superlatives in their heading but they follow up by providing a useful framework to assess your organization's performance and health. It includes the five frames: Aspire (where do we want to go?), assess (how ready are we to go there?), architect (what do we need to do to get there?), act (how do we manage the journey), and advance (how do we keep moving forward?) (p. 20). Assessing the organizational health examines 9 dimensions on a scale from ailing, able to elite: Direction, leadership, culture and climate, accountability, coordination and control, capabilities, motivation, external orientation, and innovation and learning (p. 60). Knowing what you want to accomplish and how ready you are to get there provides a solid foundation to take the next steps...

Well, as always, even the best ideas from a book do not make a difference if they are not put into practice. Keller and Price conclude with stating that many managers talk about what they WANT to do and what they'll TRY to do but little actually gets done. "It's because the language they use betrays inner doubt. At the first sign of resistance or challenge they back down, reverting to the approaches they are comfortable with" (p. 241). Other leaders talk about what they WILL do and what they can be counted on to accomplish. Which group do you belong to?