Prescient GmbH

Prescient GmbH

Prescient GmbH is a consulting and publishing company.

PRESCIENT means "Perceiving the significance of events before they occur" (Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language). Our philosophy is to share our knowledge where we expect to add value. Instead of just reacting based on what happened we prefer to anticipate what might happen and to prepare ourselves and our customers for it.

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Book recommendation:

Dealing with dilemmas

Frank Buytendijk describes six dilemmas which can be found in any business (p. 41ff): Value or profit, listen or lead, inside-out or outside-in, long-term or short-term, top-down or bottom-up and optimize or innovate.

This creative foundation allows the author to provide examples of conflict of interest in organizations, some of which the readers might have experienced themselves without understanding the cause at the time. The book helps to develop an understanding for the different perspectives of the involved actors. The essence of these dilemmas is the understanding "You cannot have it all" but decision makers need to find the appropriate balance. The book helps to develop an appreciation for the complexity of strategic management.

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