Big Data Analytics

Gartner describes how Big Data is expected to change the world: “Information of extreme size, diversity and complexity is everywhere. This disruptive phenomenon is destined to help organizations drive innovation by gaining new and faster insight into their customers” (Gartner, 2015).

Big Data Analytics

Based on the disruptive change caused by Big Data, the following questions will be answered in the book:

-          What information, if you had it, would change the way you run your business?

-          What are the business opportunities of Big Data and what is their bottom line contribution for an organization?

-          How are organizations leveraging Big Data/Business Intelligence already (Case studies)?

Case studies from different sizes of organizations are enriching the book to reflect the diversity of the use of Big Data Analytics.
The following organizations share their experience in the book:

-          Adidas

-          Flixbus

-          Piano

-          State of Tamil Nadu

-          Villeroy & Boch

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