Bachelor- und Masterthesis erfolgreich schreiben

This German book explains quality criteria for academic publications, the development process for writing successfully, academic integrity and ethics.

The free template Thesis helps students to get a kick-start and supports a consistent formatting. It already containing a title page, table of contents, list of figures and tables, list of references, statutory declaration.

Simple to follow instructions how to use Microsoft Word (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Word 365) to manage references, sources, insert quotations and all relevant aspects of proper academic writing help students to save time and increase quality.
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Bachelor- und Masterthesis erfolgreich schreiben

Bachelor- und Masterthesis erfolgreich schreiben


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Book recommendation:

Performance dashboards

Wayne W. Eckerson shares his passion about dashboards with the reader and defines the benefits to be (p. 6-9): Communicate strategy, refine strategy, increase visibility, increase coordination, increase motivation, give a consistent view of the business, reduce costs and redundancy, empower users, deliver actionable information. There are a couple of prerequisites to gain these benefits, which are explained throughout the book.

Recommendations include "Twelve characteristics of effective KPIs" (p. 201) or how to use gauges, thermometers, and stoplights on dashboards (p. 227-228), just to give two examples. The author also shares his personal "Business Intelligence Maturity Model" (p. 96), which differentiates the stages prenatal, infant, child, teenager, adult and sage. Like most models it is a simplification of the complex reality but it certainly might help organizations identify areas of improvement or unutilized analytical potentials. Clearly, the author is convinced of the many benefits of business intelligence and performance dashboards and shares not only his passion but also many useful tips with the reader.